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Estate agents are tasked with learning the ins and outs of the housing markets in which they operate. If you're selling your home, the idea of hiring an estate agent has probably crossed your mind. But can you find an estate agent for renting and flat hunting? The short answer is yes.

Get help finding housing

Whether you are buying, renting or selling a home, you can benefit from working with an agent simply because an agent has market knowledge that the average person lacks. An agent is especially valuable if you are moving to an unfamiliar area and need help finding communities you can enjoy living in.

An agent can also read your tenancy agreement and make sure your rights as a tenant are protected. However, if your dream flat is out of your price range, you may need to replace one or two amenities (or downsize to a one-bedroom studio flat), look for another neighbourhood or find a roommate to help cover the rent.

Advantages of obtaining assistance in finding housing

The time it takes to find a rental depends on several factors, including local market conditions, the specifics of the rental property you are looking for (such as certain amenities) and your own qualifications as a tenant ( basically, what rent you can afford).

An estate agent can help you sort out the details and find an apartment building with a rent you can cover in a good area.

In a rental housing market with an abundance of flats and houses available, it can take just a few days to find a suitable place. However, in housing markets with a limited supply of flats for rent, you may encounter competition from other potential tenants and take weeks to find a place to live. This is when it pays to have an agent who knows the area.

One way to make the housing search process easier is to be fully prepared with everything you need to rent, including documents and enough cash.

Most landlords require a deposit to be paid with the application. Once you have been accepted by your landlord, you will usually be required to pay a deposit of one month's rent before your move-in date along with the first month's rent and any other fees.

The more familiar you are with the local rental market and the better prepared you are to present yourself as a qualified tenant, the easier it is to rent a flat and sign a lease. Remember that finding your first flat can be difficult, but you will soon find yourself in a great place with a monthly rent you can afford.

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