Trendy wall colours 2023

Trendy wall colours 2023

Trendy wall colours 2023

Modne kolory ścian 2023

Trendy wall colours 2023


What colours for fashionable decoration in 2023?

trendy colours 2023
New year, new style!

The colours of fashionable decoration in 2023 are sure to seduce you. Nowadays, it is important to feel good about your own interior, and this applies in particular to the choice of colours in its decor.

The message of this new year is clear: the trend is for soft and enveloping colours as well as bold and dynamic colours. The year 2022 is more about warm and simple colours.

For 2023, these colours have been reworked to offer us a palette full of good vibes and good humour. The colours of the 2023 trend are earthy colours, from terracotta to purple but also bolder colours such as yellow, orange or purple.

A brief overview of the trends and colours that stand out this year:

Slow life trend

Trend Slow Life

Slow Life Trend

Originating from the Nordic countries, the Slow life trend embodies a true lifestyle. It is inspired by nature and advocates a return to calm and tranquillity. Slow life asks us about our relationships with others and reconnects us with the elemental.

Its streamlined design is characterised by natural, floral nuances, earthy and aquatic tones:

Trendy colours 2023: Neutral colours

Modne kolory 2023

Trendy colours 2023

The neutral colours that have been used in our interiors for many years are available this year with a touch of madness. Comforting and soothing, these natural colours are no longer just the default colours, but also the main colours in the room. They are gradually replacing white and are the perfect base colour.

trendy colours 2023

A quick overview of the year of new neutrals! The trendy neutral colours for 2023 are:

- Beige: Sand, beige and rose beige are this year's new must-haves. These shades go equally well in bohemian-inspired interiors and the spirit of slow life as they do in sophisticated decoration.

Ecru: This design colour encourages calm and elegance. Only with this colour will you easily decorate your interior, playing the total look card. To avoid falling into too simple an atmosphere, play with materials by mixing linen with cotton or wool.

-Chalk shades: chalk, clay, cement for a calm and orderly interior.

Neutral colours combine wonderfully with raw materials such as concrete, wood or brick to create a combination of warm and cool colours.

Earth colours



Earth colours are colours that resemble the colours of the earth. They are colours used in interior design to create a warm and natural atmosphere. They are particularly suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, but can also be used in other areas of the house, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

To add a touch of earthy colour to your décor, you can opt for accessories such as throw pillows, rugs or curtains, or paint a wall or two in an earthy colour. You can mix different earthy colours to create a unique and personalised look!

These shades offer osmosis with nature, an essential and contemplative connection.

colour terracotta
The key earth colours of 2023 are:

-Terracotta: which is stationary and always at the front of the scene. This red-orange shade is a warm and natural colour reminiscent of dry lands. Warm and cosy, it can be found on the walls or in small accents on decorative accessories.

- Earthy purple: Earthy purple with pink tones is also very on trend. Indeed, this shade brings a touch of colour, being one

Kolory wodne

Water colours

sober and elegant. This bright purple can be used in the living room, but also in the bedroom or the office!

Colours with water waves

Water colours are also getting into the slow life trend. These watercolour shades create a soothing and refreshing atmosphere, reminiscent of holidays or seascapes. They diffuse positive vibes in a minimalist and sophisticated decoration.

water colour
Trendy water colours for 2023:

Water green: Light green or pastel, this versatile colour adapts to a variety of decoration styles. Associate with neutral colours to enhance the calming effect.

Water green: fresh and bright, this green symbolises water and nature. Reminiscent of the crystal clear sea, this colour can be the dominant colour to create a calm atmosphere.

- Blue: associated with the sea or the sky, the azure shade adds radiance. Used as a dominant colour, it lends a serene and elegant mood.

The slow life trend also has its favourite materials. This is why we rely on furniture with raw and authentic mineral finishes such as marble. Combined with polished, warm, light or blackened wood, as well as brushed metals with a patina over time.

Well-being trend

The 'Feel good' trend is a real weapon against despondency. Like a bucolic walk, this concept appeals to our senses, creating fluid, energetic and emotional spaces. Underneath this term, which translates from French as 'feel good', are colourful decors, reminiscent of the 1970s.

Trendy colours 2023: Energetic colours

Blood Orange: This warm colour is making a comeback and is no longer limited to retro interiors. Bright orange will grace our interiors in 2023, adding energy and dynamism. The shiny and vibrant shade creates a positive and stimulating atmosphere. Green plants are also welcome in an interior with orange décor.

Lagoon blue: This bright and vibrant blue with green tones is reminiscent of the colour of lagoons and evokes exoticism and warmth. Soft and energetic, it creates a summer atmosphere that makes you want to travel.

Ultraviolet: The chosen colour of 2018, ultraviolet is making a comeback in our interiors. Intense and elegant in tone, it has a style that looks almost seventies. It is associated with elements in metal, chrome, aluminium... with iridescent reflections for a futuristic look.

Viva magenta: It's the colour of the year 2023! Between fuchsia and red, this vibrant shade enlivens dull interiors. It undoubtedly brings energy to the room in which it is placed. A bold colour, it can be easily appropriated to breathe dynamism and romance into its decoration.

colour of the year viva magenta

Viva magenta

Viva magenta

soft colours

- Bright yellow: This bright yellow colour is often used to add cheer to a room. It brings a subtle splash of colour when used on walls or accessories and gives the illusion that the room it is in is larger.

- Powder pink: Very feminine and delicate, powder pink adds softness and sophistication to an interior. This sophisticated colour can be used in all rooms: living room, bedroom, bathroom....

Ice blue: this cold, deep blue is reminiscent of the colour of ice and represents coldness and tranquillity. It gives a confidential, contemplative atmosphere. To sublimate ice blue, it is associated with neutral and chalky colours.

Nature colours

Greenery has reigned supreme in our interiors for several years. And this year 2023 continues to invest our decoration!

colours of nature
- Almond grey green is a pale, soft green with warm tones. This green creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere and can be combined with pastel colours or, on the contrary, with brighter colours to create a contrast.

Olive green is another very fashionable shade of green for 2023, this deep green is approaching bottle green. It brings a touch of sophistication and character to the décor. Bottle green is associated with colours such as gold or navy blue to emphasise this elegant side.

Purple. This shade with its many hues has been on the list of favourite colours again this year. Ultraviolet, as seen above, or in lighter shades for a floral motif.

Lilac: The soft and subtle colour lilac has the ability to visually enlarge a room. It is a colour that invites harmony and tranquillity. For a contemporary interior feel, combine it with light colours such as white or grey.

- Lavender: A colour with the same name as the flower, this light purple can be used as the dominant colour in decoration. This colour comes in many shades, so it is important to choose the one that best meets your expectations.

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