How to buy a flat on the secondary market - a step-by-step guide

How to buy a flat on the secondary market - a step-by-step guide

How to buy a flat on the secondary market - a step-by-step guide

Purchase flats it's one z highlights decisions w lives. W many cases means it's enlistment Credit, which will be repaid years, what constitutes large load for home Budget. Many flats purchased is on market secondary. Therefore today cue step after step such as purchase flat. 

Searching for accommodation

First step on way To M is finding relevant flats. Worth consider get, which features should hold ideal flat. Means it's not only size i number rooms, but also location i access To infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, communication urban, Companies etc.). In addition consideration, which z these factors are prime, a which secondary, maybe help w made selection from several suggestions. 

Checking the legal status before buying a flat

After made initial selection flats, which us get like i successful visions local, worth check its state legal. Here z with the help of come intermediaries, who thanks to its knowledge knowledge what i where check. Book perpetual i entries w it contained are very important. Worth check, or flat not is debited to mortgage. Worth also check, or rem has limited entitlements. Serfdom or life imprisonment, initiated proceedings enforcement. Important is also, to owners houses not overdue z payments on thing municipalities or cooperatives housing.

Worth however to know, that purchase flats inscribed w IV Book perpetual w link z debt mortgage z title enlisted credit on purchase not constitutes Obstacles w purchase. W such Situation necessary is obtaining additional documents, so-called commitments, z bank, z of which enlisted credit i relevant processing sales. 

Preliminary agreement for the sale of a flat

After positive verification state legal interesting You flats i take up decisions o purchase follows signature contracts. If you want purchase flat on credit, you must sign contract preliminary. Contract this becomes get then basis To applications get o credit mortgage. Such contract includes get also at purchase flats per cash, but flat it's is debited to mortgage credit enlisted previously via current owner. In addition there is possibility conclude contracts transfers properties real estate w case, when z of some due to conclusion contracts transfers properties real estate not is possible, a user wants confirm intention acquisitions premises residential i determine terms and conditions transactions. Contract preliminary maybe become included on writing, but form notarial not is here required. To however provide security of the whole transactions, worth decide get on conclusion contracts preliminary w in the form of act notary. Such contracts have stronger power legal i allow later investigate its rights w court. Of course if one from pages will refuse signatures contracts promised. After signature such contracts makes get entry w Book perpetual. Entry indicating on signature preventing owner conclusion temporary contracts z more than one person. Maybe get it's happen, if owner is unfaithful, a contract has been included only on writing. 


An important element of the preliminary agreement is deposit. This is a contractually stipulated amount that the buyer pays to the seller when confirming the desire to purchase the property. At the signing of the final contract, this amount is credited towards payment for the entire property.

However, in the event that the contract transferring ownership is not signed through the fault of the buyer, the seller is entitled to keep the deposit. If the promised contract was not signed through the fault of the seller, the buyer has the right to claim the double amount of the deposit. On the other hand, if the contract was not concluded for reasons beyond the control of either party, the deposit should be returned.

Contract transferring ownership, i.e. the promised contract

Last formal The thing, which separates us from ownership flats, is signature Contracts Transfers Properties. This contract must be signed w in the form of certified notarised i is invalid w any other form. All pages contracts must stake get in person w purpose signatures contracts. If z any reasons one from pages not maybe stake get in person, its proxy maybe be other person on based on powers of attorney prepared w in the form of act notary.

If bought flat on credit, it's after its signature you will be must have pretend get To bank. There money are activated i transferred on account retailers. If not you provide loans, you must transfer equivalent of amounts on account retailers w specific deadline after conclusion of contracts. 

Acceptance of the flat

After complementing all formalities i receipt of via seller full payment per flat, we will organise transfer keys. W including time you will be must have transcribe indications counters i compile protocol take-over flats describing state flats. It's important document, which will be basis future changes w contracts on deliveries media. After transfer of keys we can w Finally enjoy get our home. 

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