What influences the price of housing?

What influences the price of housing?

What influences the price of housing?

Co ma wpływ na cenę mieszkania?

What influences the price of housing?

If you are planning purchase flat w forthcoming The future, it's already you will be interested including, co, where i per how much you can buy. Market housing is on so much large, that per small money can be find small studio or worth millions penthouse . Thanks to to this each maybe find it, what mu answers. However, comparing prices flats o similar volumes, maybe get prove, that difference w price is large. Let's see now, what decides o price flats. 


Location flats it's one z highlights factors affecting on its price. Undoubtedly can be note correctness, that im closer to centre, including higher price. At high prices flats impact maybe have also proximity to sites recreational or quick communication urban (such such as metro or trams).

However, location maybe have negative impact on value condominium. Areas o bad reputation at towards Security have on general lower prices flats. Close to hence also To busy roads, factories, tracks railways i of everything, what maybe unfavourably impact on Your Comfort.

A some even claim, that on prices flats influence three factors:
First location, second location, third location:
Location it's however not the only factor. 

Condition, layout and height of the flat and standard of the building

Another important factor affecting on price flats is state i system flats. Flats finished at key or refurbished are more expensive than housing able to be finished or renovation. Very important is also system flats. Im more functions, including better. Small, uneven room, small windows or unfavourable location from pages sunshine lower value flats. Height flats maybe also impact on its value. W buildings intended on flats multifamily height flats is usually from 2,70 To 2,90 m, i.e. significantly above normal 2,5 m for ordinary buildings multifamily. Higher the value of the dwelling may stem from z better standards construction. Means it's presence facilities, such such as low-noise lifts, car park underground i project parts common.  

Additional facilities

What so decides o price flats? Additional equipment it's also important factor affecting on price flats. These include To them e.g. 24/7 Protection, zones reserved facility, or porters on reception building 24 hours on 24 hours a day. These additional services significantly improve general standard real estate, what finds reflection of w prices flats on real estate. 

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